Practising the locum lifestyle

Today I have three homes, and none is ideal.

My primary house is sans flooring, due to a flooding incident with the washing machine many months ago. This is the week it gets fixed, and that has required us to  move all our furniture out and leave.

We could stay at one of the flats in an old duplex I have in Rocky, but it also is in the middle of renovations, with no bathroom and half a kitchen.

So the lovely people at the insurance company have put us up – at the local backpackers.

I’m not complaining, it’s ideal, but geez, we laughed when we found out. We aren’t quite typical backpacker, well, age.It will be good for me to have to walk up a hill to get to the kitchen  and fight for microwave time.

Playing tourist in my own town is bringing home to me the frustrations I shall face when we hit the road and I become a travelling sono.

I love travel. I love exploring new places. I hate lugging around suitcases, never being able to find what I need, and not knowing the trick to getting the shower turned on or the tv to change channels (yes, I can be a bit gummy).

And don’t start me on Google Maps, taking the fourth exit instead of the fifth and pissing that evil cyber woman off (hee hee), but then getting hopelessly off-course as she reroutes you via the moon.

All the little frustrations of being out of my comfort zone are going to be a huge challenge.

Luckily my first placement is in Mount Isa. Surely I can’t get lost there?

And as I like to say – swings and roundabouts. For every hard time there is a good time.

So tonight, as I settle down in this comfortable room (squinting against the garish purple bedspread), I won’t be thinking about the 23 times I couldn’t find my keys today, but the fun I had filling in time after we were kicked out of the house but before we could book in to the backpackers – cruising around town on our bikes, looking for whales, fighting the vicious magpies and finding

some tree-dwelling wool art. We didn’t find any whales.

And every day is a day closer to my working holiday in Vanuatu and my new life on the road.