The mouse house

We have another home.

It’s a Mars hard-floor, rear-fold camper trailer. Cheap but practical. It’ll do the job for now, keeping us out of the elements as we travel from town to town.

It has a pull-out kitchen, and just enough storage space.

Chris drove for an entire day to pick it up from a paddock in the Arcadia Valley. So of course the first thing we did was put it up, put it back down again and declare ourselves very happy.


Weekend time came and we decided to swap out the trailer mattress for a more comfortable one, before heading on to our first camper-trailer trip.

And that was when we found the mouse. Between the base board and the mattress. Flat. Dessicated. Dead for weeks,  months, God knows how long.

Funny how we couldn’t smell it before. We could smell it for the rest of the weekend. I think I still have mouse molecules in my sinuses.

The worst part was that we had to put the mouse-soiled mattress back in, because the other mattress didn’t fit.



The mouse-shape stain underneath the mattress, adjusted to look less revolting but to give an idea.


When we got to the campground at Awoonga Dam we put the cleaned mattress out to air. It took two minutes for a kookaburra to swoop down and look for the mouse it could smell.

The kookaburra flew off. The smell stayed.


Looking for a meal, not realising it was long gone.











After two days of airing, lots of air freshener, washing of the mattress cover and gouging out the mouse-stained foam, life is smelling a lot sweeter.


  • One day until my portable ultrasound system for Vanuatu arrives
  • two days until I finish work at CQR
  • eight days until I fly to Port Vila.
  • six weeks until I start a two-month contract at Mt Isa.