One hundred goodbyes

Last week was framed by farewells.

Each day became a little harder, with one more goodbye.

Then one morning as I left the doctors’ – a last-minute dash for anti-malarial medication – I ran into someone I know who is most likely dying. Breast cancer is a bitch.

We aren’t close friends, but I’ve been involved in her surveillance scans and I loved her attitude to life after she got through her bilateral mastectomy.

I was around when she found out a few years later that the cancer was back in her bones. So when I told her we were about to leave town and may not be back for years, we realised we probably won’t see each other again.

I could feel the tears welling, so we gave each other a long hug and I got out of there. She is part of the reason I’m packing up my entire life and heading into the unknown.

You never know what is around the corner, so I need to do and see all I can, just in case.

I’m trying to be happy and excited about starting a nomadic lifestyle, but first I need to get the goodbyes over.

Wednesday was farewell to Cap Coast Hospital. It’s a hub of special people, both workers and visitors, and I’m especially sad to leave it. The cleaners there are mostly nuts, so I’ll miss them most.

The next morning I farewelled my coffee mate Big Trev and his cronies, who inhabit the footpath outside the Bell Park Bakery each morning, drinking coffee and helping the town start its day.

Big Trev – so-called because there was also a Little Trev in the comp room at The Morning Bulletin when we worked there together for 20 years. Photo by Miriam.

Then Friday was my last day of work at QTV House, where my change of career to sonography started nine years ago.

We started together with two ultrasound rooms, one grumpy sonographer and trainee me. Nine years later we have a dozen rooms around the town and about that many sonos. Grumpy sono is long gone – thank God I haven’t become him.

Thanks QTV and Central Queensland Radiology for the good times, the sitting on the bathroom room floor crying times, and for everything I’ve learn about human anatomy, pathology and nature.

I may be back. But first, adventure

Farewell drinks – pretty standard shenanigans but no drunken behaviour. This was simply a selfie gone very wrong.

…there was yet another farewell at the weekend, with a bike ride at the beach. I took a few friends on my standard commute with a few diversions to my favourite places.

Find-a-friend tip – crash the nearest coffee shop and sit with the triathletes.