Exploring a rainy Port Vila

As Bridging Health team members from Australia (and NZ) arrive in Port Vila,

excitement mounts about our forthcoming adventure providing health care clinics

on remote Tanna Island.

The weather was a little uncertain as I explored Port Vila, as were the welcoming signs (see above).

The recent rain had washed out footpaths, and workers were busy making repairs.

I had tried to organise a mountain bike ride in the surrounding area, with no success, so I just wandered around the town, checked out the museum, confirmed for myself that my sense of direction was still bad, and had to take another bus back to my motel.

Other  members of the Bridging Health team were starting to arrive – the first, Jane, and I took ourselves off to a Stonegrill restaurant to get to know each other, Vanuatuan beef and the Vanuatuan beer – Tusker.

Pigs are pretty important in Vanautu – there is even a tusk on the flag.

As the rest of team flew in, introductions were made. We headed off to our first dinner as a team, and it quickly became clear this was going to be a fun trip.

Friends were reunited and new ones quickly made.  There was Dr Jo (on her second trip with Bridging Health), father-and-daughter Mick and Megan, the three Gold Coast nurses Melina, Ness and Nat, old friends nurses Jane and Sam, Christine, our midwife Eneth,  organisers Ricco and Michelle, and Max (who somehow avoided having his photo taken, but I am sure will turn up later).

Tomorrow was going to be a big day, with our flight to Tanna and the real work to begin.