Imag(in)ing Melbourne

After three months working in country Dubbo, I headed to Melbourne for a four-day ultrasound conference.

It had been at least 20 years since I’d been to Melbourne, and I’ve certainly never spent four entire days in the city centre.

And while I spent eight hours a day in the expansive walls of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre, the walk to and from my motel and to find food offered plenty of chances to experience Melbourne’s famously changeable weather.


There was more culture than you could poke a stick at, with Chinese lanterns at dusk, the plethora of ethnic eatery stalls on Southbank, and a general multicultural milieu.


IMG_2583I ran into these two characters pictured right on a dark rainy night.  The posters are part of a campaign by an Adelaide-based artist, Peter Drew, to challenge views on immigration. I was impressed by the message. However, I was more confused by the message from the character below in front of Flinders Street Station the next morning.  I get the concept of immaculate conception, but not the need to stand in front of a railway station hiding your head behind a famous painting of the Virgin Mary.


I was glad to unexpectedly find other sonography friends at the conference,  somewhat diluting the need to make endless small talk with people I don’t know. And after a hard day of looking at images like this….


it was great to get back out onto the streets to images like this…


The iconic Flinders Street Station, with a dramatic moody sky

It was a flurry-some four days, but I am looking forward to getting back to Melbourne, hopefully well before another 20 years have passed.



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