Trying New Things in trying times

No-one could have known the world could change so quickly. I’m not going to mention the c-word, but we all know it.

We  arrived in Geraldton, WA, earlier this year after escaping the drought of central NSW and dodging bushfires across the bottom of the country.

It is stunningly pretty here. Quiet but not too quiet. It was like we had left the craziness of the east behind.

It was a relief to be in a place where everything was … normal. But not for long.

We settled in quickly. I started “trying new things”, as I do in each new town.

Djembe drumming and Park Run were the first two Geraldton activities on the list. As you can see below, I’m better at drumming than running. The blood wasn’t from Park Run but it was from training to run.

But I also started a Trying New Things that comes with capital letters.

Try New Things Geraldton is a program run by  Euphorium Creative,  a group which brings together women who want to have a crack at something new and meet new people.

Once a week they send you a message telling you where to be at a pre-determined time, what to wear and what to bring. That’s all you know until you turn up. The sense of anticipation is part of the fun.

This played right into my mission statement of exploring new places and meeting new people.

Now obviously you have to bring an open mind and a sense of adventure to this program. A sense of balance and the ability to hang-upside down are also useful.

I got to make polymer clay beads, a Boomerang Bag, have a surfing lesson, and attempt some circus skills.

It was a hoot. I met some cool people. The rounds only last four weeks, but some people sign up again and again. My  four weeks ended and I knew I wanted to do some more surfing lessons. Not so the circus skills!

Weeks later, with the new world order, we are still trying new things – not going to bars and restaurants, washing our hands 16 times a day and only using a verrryyy small amount of toilet paper at a time.

Euphorium Creative and so many other businesses are facing tough times.

The music festival we were going to this weekend is cancelled. Park Run is cancelled. My overseas trip in July is off.

We are so lucky to be in a place where we can still get out  and be away from people. And that my short-term job is “secure”, according the newest definition of secure.

And so we batten down the hatches and wait to see what happens.

Here are some of the touristy highlights from the past few weeks. The West Coast really is the Best Coast, as they say.

Boom netting at Monkey Mia – a blast from the past, and cooking lobster at home for the first time. Lobster prices have tumbled.



Dugong, dolphin, emu at Monkey Mia.

The spectacular colours of Cape Peron


The Pink Lake really is pink! And the stromatolites were really stromatolity.

Keep cool nomads. Better times are coming.